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Following is a list of [ALL] the composed songs or tidbits that I've uploaded to the server.


Moon GlowEasy-Listening0:03:244.62M20072007-08-191505
I wrote this one night when I was in a creative mood. Since I hardly track nowadays it didn't come out more than a doodle-like song that ended up released on mephtik's site. Feel free to take a gander.

Stephanie och Nisse DansarChip0:01:221.62M20062007-08-191914
A chip-tune I made for Stephanie and her pet spider Nisse. It's rather short but perhaps the funk makes up for the rest.

Hurt (1337-ultra-remix)Experimental0:01:101.13M20052007-08-191690
Nine Inch Nails? I'm not going to guess whoever wrote the original if it's not them, anyway, I felt like doing something with the lyrics and put some shizznas in it! ENJOY if you can!

Mission Impossible (Remix)TV0:02:412.58M20052007-08-191531
I'm quite sure that this one is way before 2005, but I can't be bothered to look into it, it's not of greater importance. I probably have a gazillion of these mission impossible remixes lying about on my harddrive so I'll treat you with one at least!

Linneas New HairNES0:00:39638kb20042007-08-181307
My ex-girlfriend Linnea had cut her hair and it had to be celebrated with a fanfaric tune of victory!

Math C ExamNES0:01:231.34M20042007-08-181555
This tune was made after an exam in mathematics, I was quite sure that I had written a nice score on it so I celebrated with composing a NES-ish tune.

NES > GirlsNES0:01:481.73M20042007-08-181560
After talking to my good friend Corey, who were talking about girls, I needed to encourage him by composing a song explaining that Nintendo 8-bit just frankly beats girls. No one may argue this fact.

Fugue DemoDemo0:01:341.51M20042007-08-191551
Just some experimental piece made in reason 2.0 that was supposed to be for some buddy's 3d game. I wanted some sort of psychadelic feel to it. You be the judge of my success.

FF4 End (Remix)Game0:04:385.56M20032007-08-191481
A final fantasy remix I made for a competition, it placed ok, something like 7th or so out of 50+. I was content with it and the competition, was long ago so I really don't recall much else about it.

Silence in the LabExperimental0:02:192.24M20032007-08-191834
Just some more Reason 2.0-fun that I was having. Lost the workfiles so I just felt like sharing some of my lost work.

Science VesselEasy-Listening0:01:121.17M20022007-08-191488
Once more I'm playing with Reason 2.0, sadly I lost the work-in-progress files so this piece is lost. I felt like sharing anyway.

A Dark VisionEasy-Listening0:03:284.17M20012007-08-181489
I felt like doing some sort of jazzy-trip-hoppish tune with piano and this is what I came up with at that time.

Mental IntensityEasy-Listening0:05:415.46M20012007-08-191465
One of those songs meant for relaxation. I liked making them because they expressed a calm part of me and I wanted others to be able to sort of relax a bit and drift away into thoughts. The voices are from different friends of mine over the years, I just wanted them to represent "thoughts" that go through my head.

One winter both me and xerxes felt like creating a cooperative piece. I started with a simple background melody and Klaus just poured his magic all over it and I couldn't be more pleased and happier with the result. A truly soothing piece of music worth a listen.

Lost Parts of MeEasy-Listening0:03:143.12M20002007-08-191504
One of my few guitarsongs, I released this one for Level-D which was a digital musicgroup where I was a member. Enjoy this easy-listening piece of guitar and piano music.

My Jazzy GirlJazz0:02:513.43M20002007-08-191534
My jazzy girl is a dedication to a girl who I thought being extra jazzy to my heart. I am really glad how this tune turned out and yes, I did borrow a lot of inspiration from Norfair aka Nox Luce, so kudos to him and his music!

Malkavian RushDnB0:03:563.78M20002008-11-171761
This song was made partially because of an emotional need and my love for the Malkavian house. Not going into detail, but this song is portraying a Malkavian on drugs.

Everything About YouEasy-Listening0:04:414.18M19992007-08-191545
I wrote this piece for a musicdisk some recall as "Conception" initiated by Xavier 'mv' Dang of Hellven. It's supposed to be a sort of lovesong that tells three different sides about the person whom I wrote it for.

Flying on a DragonBallad0:03:515.14M19992007-08-191560
This is one of my alltime favorites. I can't honestly tell if it's from 1999 or earlier at the moment, I noticed more of my songs had the same date 1999 20th of December, so it might just be a harddrive recovery. Anyway, this song was written for Star. We lost contact many many years ago, but I hope she remember the good old times.

I miss my StarEasy-Listening0:03:004.32M19992007-08-191487
Another song I wrote for Star, as evident by the songtitle. This song was written during a long period where she disappeared from Internet a long duration. It took a year or two until we spoke again after this song if I remember correctly.

Rainy OceanEasy-Listening0:03:363.65M19992007-08-191300
A poetic song for the musicdisk "Conception" that Xavier 'mv' Dang of Hellven initiated long ago. It received good reviews and I'm glad people found something about it that they like. It's supposed to be of a scene where you're lying in the middle of an ocean pondering the meaning of life and death.

Woolfgirl ManiaEuro-Pop0:03:423.55M19982007-08-191269
This song is dedicated to a good friend called Victoria Woolfrey, that's why the title says "Woolfgirl" incase anyone was wondering. This happens to be my mom's favorite tune, so I guess I should have it up here.

This is one of my very first songs back in 1995 when I started tracking. I like the simplicity back in those days - I was and still am very content with how this song turned out.