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Following is a list of all [COVERS] that I've uploaded to the server.


Hurt (1337-ultra-remix)Experimental0:01:101.13M20052007-08-191690
Nine Inch Nails? I'm not going to guess whoever wrote the original if it's not them, anyway, I felt like doing something with the lyrics and put some shizznas in it! ENJOY if you can!

Mission Impossible (Remix)TV0:02:412.58M20052007-08-191531
I'm quite sure that this one is way before 2005, but I can't be bothered to look into it, it's not of greater importance. I probably have a gazillion of these mission impossible remixes lying about on my harddrive so I'll treat you with one at least!

FF4 End (Remix)Game0:04:385.56M20032007-08-191481
A final fantasy remix I made for a competition, it placed ok, something like 7th or so out of 50+. I was content with it and the competition, was long ago so I really don't recall much else about it.